Security System FAQ

How do I select a security provider?
Local Police Departments, Ohio Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association.

How often should I test my system?
Communications and device tests should be performed weekly. Please call our Command Center prior to doing a test on your system. This will ensure we do not dispatch emergency personnel.

How long will my system operate in the event of a power loss?
Systems can operate on backup power for a minimum of four hours.

Does Gillmore Security install wireless systems?
We prefer to hard-wire all of our systems for reliability, but can offer a wireless solution when necessary.

Can emergency medical alert necklaces be added to my system?
Gillmore Security can add these necklaces to almost any new or existing system.

What is the difference between local monitoring and in-house monitoring?
Gillmore Security monitors alarms with Gillmore Security associates ensuring total quality control over the dispatching procedure. The vast majority of alarm companies outsource this process to wholesale monitoring houses which may be local, but service thousands of other accounts for hundreds of companies.

If I already have a system, will I have to buy a new one to work with Gillmore Security?
In many cases, Gillmore Security can monitor existing alarm equipment. Please call to schedule a complimentary inspection to see if Gillmore Security can monitor for you.

I have pets, is that a problem?
Gillmore Security standardizes on equipment designed to ignore certain pets. Newer technology allows for your pets to move freely throughout the house.

Why don't you offer packages?
Our goal is to make you feel secure. We find that custom designing your system is the only way to accomplish this. This is why we do not offer packages.

Do I benefit if I refer people to your company?
Gillmore Security rewards references with monitoring credit and special incentives. Request Information

Can I view my digital camera system remotely?
By using Digital Video Recorders and IP-addressable cameras, GSSI can set up a digital camera system that can be viewed from almost any location with broadband internet access.

What does the term integrated security mean?
Integrated security combines burglary, fire, digital camera and access control solutions in an effort to maximize your system functionality.

What happens if my system fails over the weekend?
GSSI is a large enough company that it is able to offer 24-hour emergency service and technical support.

How can I track who is using my system?

GSSI can provide monthly reports detailing who is using your system and when they are using it.
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