Vacation Security Tips

Keep your home and valuables safe while you travel.

  • Get a trusted friend or relative to house-sit. At the very least, make sure your neighbors know your plans.
  • Have a neighbor pick up your newspapers and mail every day.
  • Lock all doors and windows and secure the garage door.
  • Leave a car in the driveway, or ask a neighbor to park there.
  • Leave a house key and a number where you can be reached with a trusted friend or neighbor.
  • Use timers to turn lights on and off at certain times, altering light patterns, to make your home look occupied.
  • Leave drapes and shades open as normal. (Closed blinds during the day are a sure sign of an empty house, plus they allow a burglar to work unseen by neighbors.)
  • Arrange to have your lawn mowed.
  • Be sure your trees and hedges have been trimmed. This gives burglars fewer places to hide.
  • Replace any burned-out lights in your yard. Consider upgrading outdoor light fixtures with devices that have built-in motion detectors, which turn on whenever anyone walks past.

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