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Considering an Electronic Access Control System?
What Security Professionals Should Ask When Considering an Electronic Access Control System

  1. System Downtime – Since the system is electronic, how long will security be down if something malfunctions?
  2. Interoperability – Is this a stand-alone system or will it integrate with existing hardware/software?
  3. Expandability – Do we have to purchase the entire system, or can we start small and grow into it?
  4. Functionality – Can the system work with other security components?
  5. Economics – What are the cost-benefits of purchasing the system?
  6. Maintenance – What type of hardware is involved? What’s the cost of maintenance and replacement parts?
  7. Technology – Will the system be obsolete as technology changes? Can we upgrade if needed?
  8. Ease of Use – Can the entire security/management staff operate the system? Or should the IT department get involved?
  9. Reporting – Does the system keep logs? How easy is it to access that data and compile reports?
  10. Installation – How long will we be “down” while the system is being installed?
  11. Training & Support – How much time is required to learn the system? Is training included? Is local support available?

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