Digital Video Security

Gillmore can install overt, covert, or discreet security cameras to provide completely customizable security solutions for your business.

Security video has been dramatically changed by recent revolutions in technology, and Gillmore Security Systems is at the forefront of the industry.

Today a business' digital video security camera can link over networks to offer “smarter” features than traditional tape-based systems. Computers offer greater storage capacities, enhanced searching, and the option to quickly sift through data.

Because digital video is scalable and can use existing networks, it is also highly cost-effective for businesses not looking to invest a wealth of capital. Good planning is key to this complex field.

Overt Security Cameras
Overt cameras can be an excellent deterrent of theft and criminal behavior. Statistics indicate simply the presence of an overt security video surveillance system can dramatically reduce internal theft, customer theft, vandalism and inventory loss. Contact your Business Security Associate to learn more about how this digital video security system can help reduce shrinkage and improve profits in your business.

Covert Security Cameras
Covert security cameras are an excellent solution for identifying unauthorized employee activities without any visible indication of recording and documentation. Gillmore Security Systems can offer dozens of covert recording solutions ranging from a smoke detector camera to a hidden clock camera.

Discreet Security Cameras
Discreet security cameras are an excellent solution for indoor and outdoor environments. Available in smoked or clear dome styles, these discreet cameras provide actual documentation as well as perceived protection. Many Gillmore Security Systems customers also appreciate the aesthetics of this self-contained model and the benefits of a multitude of lenses and camera angles. See what discreet cameras can do for your business by contacting your commercial sales representative today!

Introducing Total Connect 2.0
We’ve taken our award-winning Total Connect Remote Services solution to a whole new level. Packed with dynamic graphics and exciting new features, Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 enhances the end-user experience—providing your customers with more convenience and control while reducing your operational burden. It’s never been a better time to connect to opportunity!

"Well done! Very happy with installation, sales and all contact with Gillmore!"

-- Michael M

See what a digital video security system can do for your business by contacting one of our business security associates today.

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