Hear about the Gillmore Advantage from real Gillmore Security Customers

"Mike arrived exactly on time. He was very courteous, friendly, attentive and careful not to damage anything." 
Richard H

"Everyone I had to deal with from the people on the phone to installers and service reps have always spent the time I needed to answer questions or explain features or problems. The system at our first house was 25 years old and required very little maintenance and was easily expandable (which we did). Our new system was an easy decision to make when we were building our new house. Thank you." 
Susan W
North Ridgeville

"Mike R was just superb. He is very skilled, courteous, neat and very knowledgeable. He was so easy to work with. He gave us extreme confidence in the installation and system. His installation appeared to be flawless. His wire runs are neat. Mike was very personable. He is the type of person who you hope for when work is being done in your home. In addition, we appreciate that Gillmore Security sent letters to the police chief and fire chief of North Olmsted“
North Olmsted

"It was a pleasure to do business with such a professional local company. Gillmore reps were not high pressure, sold us only what we needed, made use of some existing equipment and did not send us a final bill until the installation was complete. I have full and complete confidence in their product and service." 
Peter W

“They took great care in listening to my concerns about installing the security system. Andy came to my house and explained where all the units would go. He then came to my home about a week and a half later and did a fantastic installation. I am extremely pleased with the service I received." 
Abigail O
Mayfield Village

"Ray was very helpful, professional and familiar with the system. Ray is one of the best installers that I have worked with. He always had a plan, always came prepared, always on time and with a positive attitude. If I had to do this all over I would still ask for Ray to be my installer.""We were very pleased with the service provided to us, when we had issues we received quick response." 
Amtrust North America
Seven Hills

"Gillmore has very personable, neat and efficient personnel. Therefore, affording me a great deal of confidence in the Gillmore System" 
Cleveland Heights

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